"A DJ for your Wedding that Guests won't be Dreading"


With so much going on your wedding day, it is all too easy to overlook the evening reception. With almost a year of planning and all the effort you are taking getting the all important guests, friends and family for your day, it's paramount that you select a DJ that will fit in with your needs and requirements to ensure you and your guests at your wedding reception have a memorable time.

The all important question - "How much?"
One of the first things that Bride and Grooms look at for when choosing a DJ is what to pay when it comes to price. It's tempting to choose the cheapest you can find but it also depends on many factors. In any profession, "you get what you pay for" and you need to understand why the cheapest may not necessarily be the best. Location, venue size, timings etc. are all important pieces of information needed for the DJ to quote you. Although it might be cheaper to look at options involving friends and family, they too want to be able to enjoy your party and not end up cleaning up or packing away afterwards. You need to hire someone who will work 100% for you and your guests interests, someone who will be able to bond with your guests and pace out a fun, entertaining and enjoyable evening. After all, we don't want guests going home early do we ?

Before you look at prices however, think about the total amount you are spending on your event (the venue, the catering, photography, flowers, etc.) and what it would mean to you if cheap entertainment ruined your event. Entertainment is the one service that by itself can make or break our event! The entertainment will be the longest part of the day that your guests will be involved in so you want to make sure you've got a successful party.

Music - playing the right type at the right time
All DJ's have vast amounts of music, the bigger the collection, the likelihood of the DJ having the songs you and your guests request. Entertaining a crowd of people that has a significant portion of different age groups from 10yr olds to older adults demands a certain level of expertise. If both of these groups had the same tastes in music then entertaining this kind of crowd would be simple. However this is not the case so you want to ensure a DJ will be playing music that is just right for all. While the specific tastes in music may vary amongst the different age groups there are interactive dances that both can enjoy together. More importantly, the DJ is designed to work around you and should be playing YOUR music and not theirs.

Lights and action - Fun and Engaging
Colourful lighting and special effects are available from many DJ companies. If you've seen BBC's Top of the Pops and the lighting they use, you can see that they add to the energy of the room. Appropriate Lighting can transform an elegant dining room into a trendy night club environment in a moments notice, allowing your guests to let their hair down

The DJ - Personality & Confidence is key
The best way to understand the DJ is to simply contact them and arrange to meet up. They say a picture paints a thousand words and here you will get a chance to engage with the professional. Meeting up with the entertainer will allow you to understand their enthusiasm, experience, passion, professionalism and most importantly their personality. Does it fit in with yours?. A meet-up gives you the chance to interview them about what you expect your wedding reception to be. You may also want to ask how will they dress and act for your event. Testimonials and references are important and having them ensures validity and trust. Always ask for these to see what others have said about them. Most professionals offer pre-visits at the venue and can give you further ideas with your wedding co-ordinators to ensure a well prepared and fun evening. Email and telephone communications with your DJ are a good bet initially to see how quick or often they are able to get back into contact with you - this also will show how responsive they will be to your on-gong requests. All of this will be very important when your party date arrives as a large portion of the success of your celebration is resting on his/her shoulders. You are their number one you're important to them - you want personal service - demand it. Be sure and ask questions about anything that is on your mind.

Services and Options
Many DJ companies offer many other related services, you may want these but then again you may not. The reason why a company would offer those services in the first place are that they have worked at previous events and truly believe they could work for your event. Again you need to talk with them to see if they fit in your vision for your party. The pricing for these should also have a negotiable value to it so talk with your DJ about them whether they are needed.

Bookings - Avoiding disappointments
Many DJ companies are in great demand through direct referrals, that is when guests have been to an event, like what they see and start making enquiries. As always this is the best way as you get to see the performance of the DJ in person. However with that the earlier you start the process and enquires the better. It is common for some of the more popular companies to have events booked almost 2 years in advance or more. When you have narrowed your search, call to set up appointments to meet in person and you will feel confident that you are on your way to selecting the right DJ Entertainment. It's best to book early for any DJ entertainment as you don't want to be running around looking for companies at the last minute.

There are many Entertainment companies offering DISCO Services and the internet allows you to "shop" around, the best DJs are usually referred by guests, some are good and excel at what they do, some have just started and might need the experience. As you look at the different entertainment companies, compare them on the basis of the service they offer you and how that fits in with your budgets and needs. Prepare a list of questions to ask EVERY company and note their answers.

The first and single most important thing to know is this: When you pay for the services of disc jockey - YOU ARE THE BOSS and THEY WORK FOR YOU.

Give the DJ as much information you can about your event. NEVER ASSUME what the DJ should already know. It's your event. You know what you want.

There are many great, professional DJ companies who will work hard for you and give you a fun party. You should expect to spend some time discussing your party with them to get the best results.

Are they available for your date?
How long have they been a DJ and how many events have they performed?
What type of music do they provide and will they play requests?
What are they like?
What kind of equipment do they use?
Will they personally be the DJ for your event?
Are they reputable and will they provide you with references?
Have they ever performed at your chosen location?
How much do they charge?
Do they require a deposit and a written agreement?
Do they offer lighting equipment if you want it?
How do they handle themselves on the microphone?
Are you comfortable with them?




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