As professional mobile DJ's, we are often asked to work alongside musicians and live bands at many events. We have the utmost respect for these folks, there really isn't nothing quite like having a live music band to really create an atmosphere which is exciting, interesting and building a dynamic impact. A live band makes people take notice.


We created this article to let our customers know some of the areas & feedback we have experienced in the past with clients who have opted to choose a live band for their event. There are pros and cons with any service (as well DJs) but this is simply a general list to generally ensure you have everything covered. If you are planning a live wedding band or a big band then here are some tips....


The pros of hiring a live band:
Coolness - having a live band well we admit is quite cool.

They can play live music really well.
They can bring a lot of energy into the room.
They can do medleys and extended jam sessions of songs.

The cons of hiring a live band:

Cost: you could be looking to pay around £1000 for a 4 piece band.

They will play your favorite songs "their way", not the way you remember them.
Their songs and styles of music may be limited.
They need to take breaks throughout the reception.
They commonly allow "dead air" between songs as they determine what will be played next.
Many have little experience serving as master of ceremonies, which means that their announcements are not usually of a professional caliber.
They typically do not coordinate the reception events for you.
You'll be feeding at least three or more additional mouths.
Their prices are usually much higher than what a professional Disc Jockey would charge.

Dance floor space may be limited in the venue that you have chosen.

Noise: A respectable band will use their equipment "friendly"

Space - talk with band to find out how much space might be needed



To give you an idea of what you can expect for timings for your reception, here is a timeline or guideline of events that you might want to follow if you decide to opt to have a live band as well as a DJ for your event.


Bands either have 1 or 2 sets during their segment, here is an example of our last event working alongside a band.


Timetable of events when using a DJ and Live Band together:

  6:00pm DJ is all setup and ready to go, playing light hearted music for when  guests arrive. 


  7:00pm Guests start be arriving as well as settling in  
  7:30pm Band kicks off part 1 of their set  
  8:15pm Break (DJ can play some pop stuff)  
  8:45pm Band kick off part 2 of their set  
  9:45pm Expectant time to finish but band will probably allow 15mins more, DJ would normally start playing some music  
  10:00pm Band completely finished by then and are packing up, DJ plays music relevant to this time in the evening, dance music  
  12:00pm DJ close down.  


The above is a rough idea of the timings that you could use for your event. Of course DJSPACEBAR would work closely with your band and venue to ensure smooth transitions between timings and the bands music.





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