Getting Married abroad ?

Get the most from your party back home!


Marrying abroad can bypass the headaches of invitation lists, booking venues, flowers, transport and so on. You are bound to disappoint some members of your family and friends who cannot be with you on the day, especially grandparents who may feel unable to undertake such a trip. More and more folks are going down this route not only due to the cost and budgets constraints of having wedding in the UK, but guaranteed weather!.


However back home, many of your guests will still want to celebrate this so if you do decide to have a reception then get the most out of it by projecting the images of your wedding day! DJSPACEBAR  have performed many receptions where we have helped create a fantastic party atmosphere and at the same time projecting pictures of the wedding day onto screens for all guests to recap and enjoy.


Here is an example from a previous client.

2 weeks before the couple were set to have their reception party. We were able to take all video material from the client, we edited a 10min version of it as well as took their wedding pictures and prepared slideshows for their reception.


At the reception, the groom was able to talk through the highlights of the day and also altered his speech for the UK crowd. Later on while guests had a chance to nibble on buffet food, slideshows of their wedding holiday were played. We've had great responses from clients and also from their guests who sadly missed out on the wedding day but watching these slideshows were able to relive the bride and grooms special day through our specially edited slideshows and video footage.

This was all mixed in with their music play lists. Everyone was able to recap the wedding and still enjoy the disco. After this particular event, we wrapped it all up as a DVD for the client - http://www.djspacebar.com/golddvds/golddvd_lee.htm

Talk to us if you wish to have your wedding pictures displayed at your reception, we can work with your photographer or yourselves to make this happen. We'd be happy to show you examples of our work.



Tips for marrying abroad:

- Choose your ideal destination

- Research UK law advice (below) regarding marriage in a foreign country

- Determine the weather at that time of year

- Find out about legal marriage requirements of your chosen destination

- Enusre you have correct visas and paperwork

- Decide your budget (and stick to it) as well the style of the ceremony

- Buy a wedding dress which is appropriate for the weather

- Get a few quotes from different wedding planners and decide on one

- Establish a great contact at the destination, wedding coordinator

- Provide as much information to guests if they wish to come, hotels, Villas, apts

- Shop around for flights

- With more than 15 guests, you should qualify for discounts at the hotel

- Some hotels offer "free" offers by chaining their services with other companies

- Consider extra baggage for wedding clothes/gifts

- Send out "Save the Date" cards well ahead of the wedding date

- Wedding Insurance should be considered

- Have the wedding cake back home


-- more tips to follow --



Places that have been popular with our previous clients

- Hawaii

- Antigua

- Mexico

- Las Vegas

- Italy

- Kenya

- Australia

- Costa Rica

- Cyprus

-- more clients destinations to follow --




Local Government Advice:


British Embassy:





Your special day only happens once!, make the most of it and ensure your guests have a GREAT TIME



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