Frequently Asked Questions

Lots of people contact us and ask us simple questions they want simple answers to. We hope it helps you too.



Will you personally be the DJ for our reception?



Can we meet with you to see if we feel comfortable and to see if we are on the same wavelength?

Absolutely, DJSPACEBAR does not take on client work without first meeting with yourselves, we need to understand your style and vision for the biggest night of your lives.

Do you DJ full-time?

Wedding DJ entertainment is a seasonal activity. To create the "Best Receptions Ever" - it takes some time, planning and we would rather not DJ every week as we have families too, our work is of exceptional "Quality" and not of "Quantity".

What do you do the rest of the week?

We work in the Legal, Engineer, Accountancy professions.

Have you received any formal classroom training as a disc jockey?


How long have you been a disc jockey, and how many weddings have you performed at?

DJSPACEBAR have been active for more than 10 years, we started out doing occasional friends and family events for free. As we progressively saw poor DJ's over the years, we noted it affected guests ability to enjoy themselves. We have built up our style and performance over the years to ensure that you get maximum fun & value for your reception.

Have you handled events of my type and size before?

YES, many events and we're happy to pass on our experiences to let you know what works or not for your event.

What are the reasons you think we should hire you?

Its a lot of effort getting everyone together and celebrating your special day, you may not know but your guests too will be spending money to celebrate your day with you - so we want them to have a great time and last right till the very end of the evening by creating a fantastic atmosphere. We want you and your guests to leave your party thinking it was the "Best Wedding Reception ever"

Do you also Emcee the reception?


How many consultations do you provide in your package prices?


Do you provide an entertainment planner?


Do you come to my home or business to go over the entertainment planner?

YES, we work with you on a 1:1 to ensure we carry out your wedding vision. We have lots of tips to help you make sure that your guests do not feel left out either.

Do you carry liability insurance?

YES (your venue will require this as compulsory for your entertainment)

What time do you arrive to setup your equipment?

Any time you wish.

Hours of service:

Any time you wish.


Do you wear a suit and tie?

No, we wear smart all black buttoned shirts, black trousers and shoes. Our image is professional throughout your event.

How many songs do you have in your library?

Over 5000, bear in mind that not all will get played and we concentrate on your playlist, guests requests and popular music collection.

Do you provide cocktail/ dinner music?


Do you provide a wireless microphone for speeches?

YES, we can also provide a minature microphone which is placed on the persons clothing (as worn by newsreaders). This is a great way of discreetly amplifiing someones voice, good for actors, presenters and speakers which free them to use their hands.


Do you bring backup equipment with you?


Are basic effects lighting included?


Do you offer lighting and sound upgrades?


How many people will cover the event?

Our equipment covers 95% of the reception count which is <250 people. We can bring in more equipment if required. Bear in mind that people want to listen to music and not be blown away by it so our sound system is appropriate for comfortable listening.

Is a deposit required? If so, how much?

To secure any date in our calendar, we require 100 as a deposit.

When is the deposit due?


May I make partial payments?

YES, interest free options are available if you wish.

When is the final payment due?

4 weeks before the event date.

What percentage are the taxes?

We are good citizens and declare all our work to the Inland Revenue, all relevant taxes will be included in your package price agreed upfront by you.

What is the overtime charge?

Included and agreed with yourselves in the package, any additional timings needed on the day is included FREE.

Are there any additional charges not mentioned? (i.e. travel)

Included in the package.


Do you provide a written contract and guarantee?

YES by email and requested on paper if you wish.

What are the refunds/cancellation terms?
The 100 security for your date is a non-refundable deposit.


When should I book?

We get bookings 12-15months in advance, if the reception is as important to you then you should book your entertainment very early to avoid disappointment.



-- more questions as we learn them to follow --


Your special day only happens once!, make the most of it and ensure your guests have a GREAT TIME



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