Spiralling Wedding Costs

We work with lots of newlyweds and and as we help with their planning, we compile on going list of tips which may potentially help you in having your dream reception - "without the debts!"


"My budget is spiralling out of control - help!"
We think everyone should save money whenever possible. Money saved really is money earned, especially when it's well invested. Planning and budgeting for your wedding can be a big headache - especially when you read and hear that having a wedding could can cost upwards from 15,000+ (link: The price of saying I "do")

Wedding organization is really a matter of common sense plus knowing how people think. Work with people's strengths, set a budget, decide on your theme, style and away you go.


Even before you've started your married life together, you could end up being in debt - no body wants that so the first step to avoiding this mistake is to set a realistic budget and stick to it. Once that's complete, sit down with a pen and paper and jot down your top priorities and what's important to you?

What IS important to you
You need to prioritise what's important to you. Don't hire a live band if you're not that bothered about having one, and if huge white wedding cars aren't
for you, hire a taxi instead or ask a friends expensive car (they will feel honoured).


Make a list with the things that really matter to you at the top and the not-so important things further down, then look for ways to economise on anything non essential. Try to limit what you spend on your credit card as well - you don't want to spend the first years of married life paying for it!

How to be budget-savvy
Think about what you remember about other weddings you have been to - it is highly unlikely that you will remember it because they had matching printed matchbooks and serviettes. It is more likely that you will remember the funny speeches and the fact that you danced for hours - generally it is the people that make the day.


Here are some tips by real brides on how they have managed to keep a control of their costs - we really hope you find it useful


Draw up a spreadsheet
Use a computer programme like Excel to plot your anticipated costs for each wedding purchase against what you actually spend. It makes it easy to see
where you’re making savings – and where costs are spiralling – as well as how much you’ve actually spent. Have a contingency fund. The last thing you
want is for money to run out just as you’re about to put the finishing touches to your big day. Make sure you’ve got a contingency (10% of your total
budget is ideal) to cover unexpected costs. DJSPACEBAR has a excel spreadsheet that will help you keep on top of your wedding planning. Its the least we can do towards your wedding planning :)

Talk to other brides
All’s fair in love and weddings, so profit from other newlyweds’ experience – ask where they found the best bargains, which suppliers gave good discounts
and how they managed to cut corners. Consider hiring a wedding organiser The up-front cost may seem daunting, but she may be able to save you a
small fortune by negotiating discounts on your behalf – and will rein you in if your ideas get too big (and expensive!).

Wedding Dress
You need to make sure you are clear on your budget before you start. Many bridal shops have dresses around 350, but top designers can charge as
much as 3000, so whether you go high street or one-off, it's all about your budget. Think about your dress though, will you keep it forever or will you
only wear it once. Many High street stores offer modern design dresses that actually can be worn again and again.

It comes as no surprise, but the best way is to stay out of debt is to pay-as-you-go. Not everyone has the time horizon or financial means to make it
happen, but you might be surprised how many of those bills you can knock out well before your wedding day. Many wedding vendors – including the
baker, caterer, reception hall, dress maker and florist – require a 50 percent deposit


Tap water/Bottled water

If TV newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky who earns about 250,000 a year is pennywise enough to keep costs down at her wedding by serving her guests tap water rather than expensive bottled water then you should feel no guilt about keeping costs down.


Permanent Reminders

Think about what is important, is it worth spending more on photos and videos as they are the permanent reminder and less on flowers or invitations.


Get Friends and Family to help

There are many areas where talented people will/could help you. You might know someone who is great at cooking and can make a wedding cake your way. Many high street stores sell bases which can be easily customised to fit your wedding theme. Invitations is another area getting family involved, it makes for family members to club together and have something to look forward. Maybe you have a tailor or seamstress in the family that could help towards the bridesmaids outfits, have a good look through your contacts and use those resources, your guests will be more than obliged to help! Many high street stores sell bridesmaid dresses that you will be able to use again later so look for those - Ebay might be worth looking at too.


Wedding Shoes

Are they important to you. Depending on your wedding dress, they may not be seen by many people so if you can afford it and you want it - go for it, but maybe that cash can be used to pay of for something with a higher priority.



Spare a thought for the wedding guests – with over 60%
admitting that they spend almost 500 to be part of someone else’s Big Day!, Ever been to a wedding reception or day and although it's nice to have an invite, may have felt a bit left out - Allow us to share further ideas with you to ensure that all guests feel as much as involved as you want them to!



Quick Tips:

A wedding can cost as little as the marriage license - probably 50. or as much as 100,000,000. We have listed a load of tips we've collected from previous Brides to help you with your planning.


Date Tips:-

 - Have it on a day other than saturday.

 - Send Invites at least 3 months ahead of the date

 - RSVP - chase, chase & chase, sometimes you have to think for your guests


Family Tips:

 - Make as much of the stuff yourself, or through friends (cake, flowers, etc).

 - Mums want to have a big part, one got her mother-in-law to make the wedding dress


Catering Tips:

 - Food and Hall are the most expensive part, if it's a small gathering, go pot luck.

Gifts Tips:

 - Don't be afraid to ask for cash instead of gifts to help offset the costs.
 - Bride and Groom put a condition on their guests that they insist absolutely no presents - without exception.
 - have a gift list with a company that compiles a list using many other companies, which means guests can shop around and thus get a better price on their gifts from their guests.

Decor Tips:

- Trim the decorating budget and the seven-course menu. An abundance of friends is much more charming than an abundance of flowers.


Children Tips:

- Decide whether you want to invite children. Guests who express annoyance that their children aren’t included are the same ones who will let them scream through the ceremony.






-- more tips to follow --


Your special day only happens once!, make the most of it and ensure your guests have a GREAT TIME



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