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An extremely valuable tool for you and your guests



Personal Wedding Websites are becoming a must have for couples getting married in todays information age. There is so much information to circulate regarding the details of events, timings, maps, suggested accommodations, taxi information and so much more.


A wedding web page makes all the important particulars available to everyone 24 hours a day worldwide. Imagine having your personal area on the internet that your guests will be able to view, leave messages, rsvp online and more.


DJSPACEBAR recommends couples having a website. Why?, well providing them with as much information about your day and plans will ensure that your guests will enjoy their time and have the necessary information to plan and prepare a great day for themselves. The more you make it easier for guests to help them, the more they will feel more comfortable on your day.


Best of all, its FREE! Take a look www.weddingpath.com/

(djspacebar have partnered with wedding path to help many couples plan and arrange their day)

After creating your personal site, you will be able to place your personal wedding website link in with your wedding invites so that guests will be able to view, leave messages for you and get the latest information. Your website link would look something like this...TomandJane.weddingpath.com



You can set the site up yourself and make changes whenever you want to but if you would like DJSPACEBAR to do this then we'll happily create and start it off for you to update yourself as much as you want.

Guests will appreciate you looking forward to celebrating your day and giving them something informative and to help them back will also make sure that you are appreciating their company so that they can be better informed and prepared for your day.


Pages of what?

So let's give you some ideas on what pages you could store on your personal wedding site. Here are some basic examples that guests would appreciate:


- A bit about the bride and groom, where you met and proposed

- Where the venue is and maps to it

- Local accommodation details and any discounts/booking codes for guests

- Wedding details and service information

- Reception details with timing and local taxi booking information

- Your menu and an area to let you know of any dietary requirements

- Pressie requirements, gift etiquette - (http://weddings.lovetoknow.com/wiki/Wedding_Gift_Etiquette)

- Stag / Hen details or area that you can upload pictures after the events

- The Wedding party (parents/ushers/bridesmaids)

- a music page for guests where they suggest music tracks for the party.

- Honeymoon area

- Message board (allow guests before the day to give you well wishes/messages)



Additional Pages

Stuck for more ideas, well, we've known couples to add many more pages of their website to include further information for guests. Please take some of the ideas below that you can add to your website.

A Welcome Page

- About Us, About the Bride, About the Groom, How they met, The proposal

Planning Photos Page

The Wedding Details Page

The Service

- Where its going to be held and what time

Order of the day

Reception Details
- Timings, bar information

- maybe let guests know what the meal will be and veggie equivalents.

Wedding Party

- who is who from the wedding party

Wedding Photoshare

The Music
- bit about the DJ (us hopefully) and an area for guests requests can be added

Honeymoon Album

Our Message Board

Online RSVP

tell us if you will/will not attend

total number in your party including you

First name & Last name

email address (to be used only by bride/groom when communicating)

Any requirements (dietary/baby seats etc)

Ceremony Info

Transport & Travel


You will have guests with all budgets so the best thing to do is to source out 3 local accommodation Travelodge's, Inns, Hotels & bed and breakfast locations and include their telephone number, access details and even booking/discount codes for guests. Ask for special rates - you never know - if you don't ask.....

Gift Registry

A personal wedding website is an ideal way to make guests aware of the gift registries the couple has selected. It is standard Wedding Etiquette not to include information about the Gift Registry in the Wedding invitation. However it is perfectly acceptable to broadcast the wedding website address. This allows the couple to tactfully inform their friends and family where they are registered and allows them to easily buy gifts online.

Wedding Video

Thanks to...

Honeymoon Pics

Things To Do

Gift Registry

Honeymoon Album

Our Message Board

Planning Photos

Hen Photoshare

Stag Photoshare

Music & DJ Playlist

Wedding Jokes

Bridal Wear

Latest News

Online RSVP

Taxi Numbers

Thank Yous


-- more tips to follow --



Your special day only happens once!, make the most of it and ensure your guests have a GREAT TIME



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