Choosing your entertainment ...everyone wants to have a party right?......without the CHEESE?



We came into the entertainment business because like most businesses we felt if we were given a chance that we could do it better. Just like you, we've been to many weddings and parties as guests and wondered why many DJ's seem to be following the same traditional rules. It seemed like it was just like the last wedding we'd been to...


"As you know - in any market, 'you get for what you pay for' so BUDGET is the number one reason why people could be expecting an average DJ to turn up at their event"


So, we thought we would compile an ongoing list of areas that we've discovered from friends that have hired entertainment in the past. This also includes feedback from bride and grooms attending guests weddings who simply want to explain to a professional the things that they wish to avoid. The list below also contains discussions from the many guests that we come across in our day to day business. All these points sum up to what we call "the Entertainer from Hell"


For any DJ's reading this page, there may be images below that have been selected from various sources on the internet to show examples of what we mean. The opinions on this page is feedback from our clients and do not reflect any or all DJs - just some. The mobile DJ has already had a bad reputation over the years BUT there are many professionals out there who do an outstanding job. If you are one of them - Great! - We reserve the right to let our customers know some of the things that annoy us too - after all we're customers too.




Revolving Police Lights and Traffic Light Boxes - "FAIL"

Don't you hate it when....a DJ turns up with really cheesy looking lights?

This isn't the 70's anymore, why bring old and outdated equipment - it's ugly and cheesy. First impressions count and as soon as your guests walks into the room seeing an old disco - they know what they will be expecting for the rest of the night.



Figure 1: Entertainer from Hell


Not playing good music? - "FAIL"

Don't you hate it when....the DJ plays his own music because he thinks guests will love HIS music. A professional will watch the crowd and if you've had meetings with your entertainer will know the kind of music you will like and what will be fit just right with your guests. A wedding or party shouldn't be the same cookie cutter event and it should be down to the entertainer to work with the client to make it what they want.



Business cards On display! - "FAIL"

Don't you hate it when....the DJ places his cards all over the chairs, table and bar areas?

Why? if guests thinks the DJ is good, surely they will ask you or approach the DJ themselves. All DJ's or professionals should be asking you for your permission if they want to advertise their services publicly. Its your reputation if the DJ turns out to be....rubbish



Banners on Display - "FAIL"

Don't you hate it when....the DJ places a massive large banner all over his front.  (below)

Why? as above if guests think the DJ is good, surely they will ask you or approach the DJ themselves. Adding a large banner on the front looks like its given a a corporate look (if the banner was designed well and is obtrusive) but we think's it makes for an untidy look and style of the DJ. Again, all DJ's or professionals should be asking you for your permission if they want to advertise their services at your event. If any advertising should be done, it should be done in a subtle way and not impacting on the look of your event.


Cheap and Nasty Kit - "FAIL"

Don't you hate it when....the DJ turns up with equipment that simply looks like cheap tat (below)

Why? Is it style, Is it look or is it cost? Most of the budget level equipment that is available today can be bought at local hardware stores - it's suitable for your house, bedroom or even a small house party NOT for a reception party which will be hosting around 150 guests. 


DJ Dress and Attire (each to their own)

Don't you hate it when....the DJ looks a bit too formal or in many cases "a scruff bag".

Depending on the occasion, a smart dress and a cleanup is not too much to ask for is it?. If its a corporate event or a formal occasion then smart dress is key. Having scruffy and unshaven entertainers look unprofessional turn up. Again, its important to make sure you talk to your DJ how they will dress for your occasion.


Figure 2: Entertainer from Hell



Ugly DJ Rigs with Scaffolding setups (each to their own)

Don't you hate it when....you've spent ages looking for the right venue - only for the DJ or band to arrive and spoil the look of it all.

Depending on the room size and location of the DJ setup, there are some factors to consider when setting up additional lighting equipment is required and entertainers should be responsible for the safety and welfare of all guests. Trailing wires, heavy equipment and general untidiness could all be responsible for accidents waiting to happen. Your venue should have subtle clean looking equipment which does not get in the way of anyone. We hate it when DJs turn up with scaffolding type equipment to make your venue look like a worksite. Always talk with your DJ.


Figure 3: Entertainer from Hell


Cheesey DJ interruptions during songs (each to their own)

Don't you hate it when....a DJ makes annoying announcements before, during and after songs.

Radio DJ's need to do this to let millions of viewers know where they can buy the record but does a wedding or party DJ have to ? If you've ever seen the Peter Kaye disco type outfits - you know what we mean


The DJ turns up but wasn't who you expected? or even sometimes "LATE"? - - "FAIL"

Don't you hate it when....you've paid for a DJ then expecting a mature fellow who sounded confident when you made the booking realise that a bunch of kids have turned up to do your disco instead?

You should feel confident that the person you've been dealing with regarding the entertainment for your party is the person you've actually booked. We've seen situations where you expected one or two chaps to turn up but didn't expect 3other of his mates turn up.


The DJ uses the same music set - and plays tunes you just didn't expect or doesn't even have the correct versions of your song? -

- "FAIL"

Don't you hate it when....the DJ that you've booked really likes his cheese

Do you want the Hokey Cokey or the Birdie Dance being played - make sure you let your DJ knows certain music NO-NO's before he gets jumped by the guests and possibly you.


Sound Systems that take up all the space -

- "FAIL"

Don't you hate it when....everything arranged for your party only for the DJ to take up ALL the dance floor space with so much unnecessary power.

Who knows which sound system is right? You or the DJ - well it takes both of you to understand what crowd you are inviting and playing to and therefore work out dancefloor space. A Party is all about having fun, the last thing you want is not having room to dance and for it being so loud - that you simply do not enjoy it. The picture below shows this - Where we are standing is the entrance into the room.


Insanely loud speaker equipment & Large speaker boxes -

- "FAIL"

Don't you hate it when....a DJ turns up with LOTS of equipment and it's just TOO LOUD!!

Why spoil a nice venue with lots of unnecessary equipment everywhere. Some DJ's can be furniture happy and bring along a sound system that does not suit the size and audience you're expecting. Having LOUD music playing throughout the whole night is un-needed and ruins the acoustics of the room - too much bass or too much treble or even echo might mean that guests might actually be staying outside of the room. Guests coming to your party not only want to have a good time but also want catch up with others they may not have seen for a long time.






other areas that we will expand on as we go on...



Don't you hate it when...


....Entertainers packing up before the "actual" contracted end of the evening


....Entertainers ruining the dancefloor with ironic music


....Entertainers picking on guests by being rude and annoying


....Entertainers inviting themselves to the drink and buffet when not requested..


....Entertainers helping themselves to items belonging to the client or venue.





They will suck you in with their low, too good to be true prices, but who knows if they will show up? When people stoop to hiring the lowest unrealistically priced DJ they can find, you most likely will get anyone off the street in street clothes that will show up at your party and claim to be a professional DJ! They are out there!
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