Your First Dance :

Following Custom Traditions or just have Fun?


The "first dance" of a bride and groom is an important part of the wedding ceremony. Traditionally, the first dance had been a Waltz. In modern times ballroom dancing is no longer a widespread skill, and rehearsing the "first dance" has become a lucrative business for many a dance studio and independent dance instructors. Alternatively, many couples just do a "slow dance".


This can be any choice of music that will stay with you forever, maybe a song where the words completely describe your feelings and thoughts for each other, maybe a song that you heard when you first met! It can also be difficult to choose a 1st Dance between yourselves so to help you - we've compiled a list of them for you to take a look at. Please click here


However, it can also incorporate some fun, if you want everyone to expect and remember your shared personal moment who will naturally be taking lots of snaps and video, as you have everyone in the one place and their attention then why not make the most of it?


If you decide you want to incorporate some fun into your 1st dance, then if you work with us, we can help you by creating a special mix for you. Below are two such examples of couples who had chosen a bunch of tunes they wanted and so we prepared a mix.


Videos below are custom 1st dances that DJSPACEBAR have been involved in creating.

  Video B:   Video B:  
  Fun 1st dance, created, edited and presented by DJSPACEBAR  

 Fun 1st dance, created, edited and presented by DJSPACEBAR

  Audio Editing - Testimonial a:   Audio Editing - Testimonial b:  


Josh, This is great, thank you so much for this. Howard L.


Thank you so much for producing our song mix for our 1st dance. We very much appreciate you putting it together for us.

Georgina M.






If you are completely nervous about your first dance, or don't want to be the centre of attention then there are methods and techniques that DJSPACEBAR can use to help you complete this last public part of your day.






All packages can be adapted to your requirements

1st Dance Services


 Your Own 1st Dance Mix
  Audio Editing Services: Provide us with upto 10 music tracks of your choice and the appropriate timings for them and we will create you a mix that will incorporate all your music ready for your 1st Dance.

Revisions for you to approve/adjust will be sent to you over email and the final version that you are happy with will be sent in hi-resolution to you on disc (CD) or in a digital format.

price above includes editing time, CD, postage & package

The above is FREE if DJSPACEBAR is chosen as your entertainment for your wedding



Sing your First dance Tune
  Audio Recording Services: You have a song that you'd like to sing especially for you other half for your 1st dance. Contact us and we'll assist in producing a special version with your vocals mixed in our recording studio

Coaching, motivation, inspiration included :)





Here are some alternative wedding videos that we've collected to put a smile on your face and maybe give you some inspiration for your first dance.

(These are not DJSPACEBAR events but if you want something similar, please enquire)



1. Wedding Utube Video - Wedding Thriller Dance.

This is a 3min video where the Bride and Groom love the Michael Jackson Thriller scene, it's been rehearsed by their guests and makes a great opening to their wedding reception!

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPmYbP0F4Zw


2. Wedding Utube Video - Jack Johnson & Michael Jackson 

Another great 1st dance video where the couple start off with their favourite song and then it merges into something upbeat and really brings out their personality.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nie9lKPifg&NR


3. Wedding Utube Video - Traditional & Hip Hop 

The Bride and Groom are into old school hip hop music so how do you blend that with a traditional 1st dance? Click below and see how they did it.


Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qd_j98-y-M&NR



4. Wedding Utube Video - Dirty Dancing 

They had the Time of their life in this Video and their guests loved it to!!


Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYhlm9GTAQ0 







Your special day only happens once!, make the most of it and ensure your guests have a GREAT TIME



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