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With hundreds of photographers out there, how do you know which one is right for you? We were at a wedding show recently where there were there over seven photographers exhibiting in a small marquee all showcasing their services. I spoke with one and I asked her what is so different about you than everyone else and she admitted herself that she simply wasn't actually sure. I mean think about it - they all have the same glossy wedding photos, they all have the same kit and all their prices were relatively similar give or take 100. So what is it? What should you be looking for in a wedding photographer?



Well, this is when you have to scratch below the surface and discover the talents of the individual photographers. Anyone can be a photographer nowadays with the quality and level of digital cameras being sold, it's pretty easy to let the camera do most of the work even with its default settings BUT this is your wedding day, do you really want to let the most important day of your life to be captured by a simple point and click camera?


As wedding planners, we have seen many kinds of photographers all charging differing amounts from the simple "point and click" photos to the "celebrity style" paparazzi photos. The question is to try and find the right balance for the style and image of photos that you prefer and of course at the right budgets.


Asking friends and family to photo your wedding day can be overwhelming task. Its nice to ask someone who has some experiences of taking photos but do spare a thought for them. They too want to enjoy the day and yes you want to make a saving however many friends will find it difficult to say "no". They would love to help but think about what happens when things don't go your way - things could get uncomfortable? we have seen this and it raises many areas that could affect your relationship with that person.


With a professional whom you are paying, you have the means to get the most from your day without infringing on guests. Having a professional means that you are "paying for them to document your day" - this means that you owe it to the photographer to allow time to capture the shots you've asked them to.


As we attend weddings, we speak to many brides and grooms, guests, venues and spoken to many photographers. There are experiences we've reported and worth mentioning to you so that you and your photographer have a fantastic relationship together. The points below are a few things that we have seen many photographers do and we believe is worth you mentioning up front when working with your photographer and understanding how they handle these points.


A wedding day is about you and your guests, every person coming to your event have spent time and money to enjoy the day with you and as a guest should enjoy it with you. Let the photographers do what they are good at


Heart & Soul

When interviewing photographers, try and find someone who will put their heart and soul into your event - the pictures will last for 10. 20 or 50 years so it's key in finding the right people for the job. If you find someone that presents this and you get a good feeling about it - GREAT! You'll have a much better experience with them up to and throughout the organisation of your day. There are lots of fantastic photographers out there so you have plenty to choose from. Its ideal to find folks that are insured and licensed as you have some insurance policy just in case things don't go the way you were expecting.



Upsetting Guests

Everybody has digital cameras and likes taking photos - how will the photographer react or behave if any guest seems to be stepping on the photographer toes? A question to ask the photographer how they handle it. Will they end up upsetting anyone - of course no photographer will admit this - but it happens. You are paying a photographer and it's no competition that a family members can get equally great photos.



Obtrusiveness during the wedding breakfast

What tricks do the photographer use to capture pictures during the speeches, this is a time where everyone is listening to the speeches, how will the photographer handle his behaviour at this time to get the quality shots?



Interaction and Personality

Is the photographer good fun? do they help create a sense of fun and excitement when they attend your day - a happy photographer makes for happy smiling and enthusiastic guests.  photographer can take the best photos in the world, but with the wrong attitude or rude mannerisms, can make yours and your guests wedding photo sessions miserable.



Meetings up with your photographer is essential to capturing your needs. If the photographer has no clue of what pictures you'd like then this could over run the pacing of the day. Talk to you photographer so you don't have any unexpected delays on the day.




Your photographer needs to arrive on time, look healthy and good and ready for the work ahead. By that we mean, that your photographer needs to dress smart and appropriately. Clean, shaven and even nice smelling does wonders for the presentation of your day. Why? because you are paying for it - you and your guests have made the effort so why can't the photographer. Guests will never tell you that the photo guy was annoying, smelly or looked like they rolled out of bed - they will use that example at someone else's event. Talk to the photographer to understand their presentation and attire for the day.


Final products

It's worth paying particular attention to the final wedding package you are paying for. e,g on Digital - who owns the rights to all the photos, can you have spares, can you change your album, what is the final presentation format?. In this day and age of digital cameras, its all too easy for a photographer to hand you a disc with over a thousand images on it!! It's worth understanding exactly what you will get. Some photographers do not really want the hassle with the end result but some others treat it as a priority.




Photographer & Videographer - working together

Having a photographer or a videographer? If so they need to get on and work together to capture those memories for the future. We advise that you get these two companies together to discuss the plan and arrangements for your day. Videographers and photographers can clash at weddings. Videographers dislike digital photographers that pop 1,000+ flashes during an event. Photographers dislike videographers that are constantly way-way-too-close to the bride and groom and appear in every photo. Both understand the need to give each other space.




-- more tips to follow --


Your special day only happens once!, make the most of it and ensure your guests have a GREAT TIME



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