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In our experience with speaking with many brides, as well as interactions with guests at weddings and even being wedding guests ourselves. We let you know the common complaints we get to hear at weddings.


This article are the responses that we've compiled from clients and guests alike when attending weddings. Although it is your day, do spare a thought for the guests coming. They also include comments about some of the wedding vendors that you might end up using. Disagree or agree, nevertheless we hope it helps you.


On Spending:

So many couples think that the only way to get a dream wedding is to buy it and that's not the case. A Wedding where the couple have put thought rather than cash, into everything is so much more impressive to guests.



On Vendors:

- What a miserable photographer they had and it looks like he's just rolled out of bed looking unshaven and untidy.



- Don't have very long receiving lines - only allow the important people to be in this line.

- Think about timings for the ceremony and not leave them too late - a late ceremony will impact on the running of the day.

- Don't have long pauses between the ceremony, wedding breakfast and reception times, guests will start to wander.

- Try not to let too many guests see you before the ceremony, coming down the aisle is the magic moment to see you.

- Have everything decorated and prepared before guests arrive at the church. Not doing so and having people running around while guests sit around looks informal and disorganised.

- Do have a table plan

- Cash bars - if you can afford it, at least buy the 1st round of drinks

- Refrain from drinking until after the speeches

- Ensure you try and keep partners together at tables, especially those with new dates.

- Be careful on handing out "lots" of cigars, in a small room, the smoke can be almost unbearable

- Cake Smashing in your face - try to avoid it, might be an in-joke with the few people who might know it but makes many other people wonder if the relationship will last.

- Discuss with the DJ on what level of Cheese you want and absolute NO-NO's. (incidentally DJSPACEBAR does not own the chicken dance in our collection)

- Guests should know to bring along the confetti (but a hint well before to the ushers and bridesmaid will ensure there will be plenty)

and finally....

"Nothing makes a wedding better than a bride and a groom who are smiling and clearly enjoying themselves. It's completely contagious."



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