Why choose DJSPACEBAR ?...


Answer: It's Quality and not Quantity!

It's human nature to compare and with so many entertainment companies out on the internet and with so much choice - who do you choose? Why choose one Mobile Disco over another? Is price the only factor to you? And more to the point, why would you choose DJSPACEBAR? Surely we're just "another disco"?


When it comes down to it, all discos do pretty much the same thing - we all have lights, music and sounds and we sell the services we provide to our customers. What's sets one DISCO apart from another is the quality, attention and services they provide to their customers.

DJSPACEBAR was founded on some basic principles that define everything that we do:

- We're wedding friendly - we work in your interests to make a successful party

- We are not an agency nor do we employ 3rd party DJs

- We incorporate your theme and style into your day.

- We can help in planning and guiding you through the formalities of the day and event

- We don't perform at events every weekend, hence allows us to spend more time with our clients.

- We have all the required certifications [PAT], liability insurances [PLI] & provide risk assessments

- We provide top of the range modern sound, lighting & video solutions.

- We have no hidden agendas or charges

- If you care about your party, we will too. For Weddings - we want you to get the maximum value for the one-important-party of your life! - you'll be surprised what we can do for you!

- We work with you - as we would be concerned about your events success just as you would be.


In doing all of these things our customers will value us and the service that we provide them so ensuring the continuation and growth of our business. 


Why isn't anyone else offering this level of work?
We work in your interests, not the venues, not some cookie cutter DJ event, we're a highly skilled team who put countless hours of development and share our party/wedding experiences with you. We believe it's the most comprehensive solution available and comments such as "your services are unique and services are fantastic " from previous clients would seem to back this up.



Just like you, we had been stuck for DJ's before we came into our own. After years of working in the market - we can reveal what we hate about the entertainment companies out there. please read our "Entertainer From Hell" article which has some of our personal opinions that might even touch a nerve with you and I bet you find something in there that you are worried about too!


Your event only happens once and we want it to be a successful and memorable one.



Meet the DJSPACEBAR Crew....


Who are we, Why do we do it and just exactly what each one of us does...well, here is your chance to know something about us before we meet you in person...We're a family run outfit event and you'll be surprised how easy going we all are.


Based on our many years of experience creating successful events every time. All events need some kind of structure, with all our skills in relevant areas, you can be sure that you have a crew working with you to ensure a memorable night of for all your guests.


Crew Member - Kam


:: Kamaran ::

Meet "Kam" - A legal beagle by day, entertainer by night. Kamaran is the guy to get your event started with a bang. His job is the MC (Master of Ceremony) and help get your crowd on the dance floor. Kamaran along with his partner Josh help run DJSPACEBAR.


Crew Member - Josh

:: Josh ::
All events require technical assistance and a production element and Josh manages this task, from the sound, lighting, video and structure of the evening - all those ingredients make for a fantastic and memorable show.


Crew Member - Sukey

:: Sukey ::

An accountant by vocation, Sukey is involved at the planning stage; this includes the initial information gathering process, discussing play lists & special track requests, the preparation & collation of archived slideshow footage.

 Crew Member - Danielle



:: Danielle ::

A professional PA with attention to detail. Danielle works with Sukey to aid in the event organisation and to ensure your guests are comfortable when performing video guestbooks.






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