The Bronze party package is our initial DJ offering.....



This package is suitable for those that wish to hire us for events like Birthdays, House Parties, Anniversaries or if you intend hiring a band and having us as a disco working alongside them, then this party DJ package might be for you.


:: Summary:

A basic disco which has the appropriate sound & lighting equipment for smaller venues with a guest count of up to 50.


:: Package contains:

Crew Members - 1 DJ & 1 MC team to interact and play your music, take guests requests and keep up the mood and motivation of your guests 


Time - This pack includes an evening's entertainment with 4 Hours playing time.

Music to start from 8pm until 12am.

Travel - to/from the venue within a 30 minutes driving radius from Reading (South-East England) is included.
Play list Planning - We provide you exclusive access to our members only area called the "djspacebar dashboard" . Our dashboard page allows you to ensure we have the latest information about your event including music requests, timings, contact and venue information. This is regularly updated to give the latest "at-a-glance". This enables us to ascertain how the evening will pan out in terms of your music requests. All information held on the dashboard is confidential and not accessible by the public.
Equipment: Digital DJ Technology - We use the latest in computer hardware and software to control our lighting displays This advancement in technology allows us to find and locate our music fast as well as adhere to guests requests leaving more time to enjoy & motivate your party goers.
Equipment: Speaker Technology -  Gone are the days of tired and massive old speaker boxes used by traditional DJ's, audiences need to feel and hear the music without overpowering ears. Our speaker system is the professional BOSE sound system - expensive and unique  to provide optimum digital sound reproduction and also maintain a clean, tidy look at your venue.
Equipment: Lighting Technology - (4 Intelligent lighting effects) The lighting setup used in this package is appropriate for small venues. We use modern quality disco lighting (NO old traffic light boxes or Disco dave type outfits!) which works in sync with the music to provide a fantastic lightshow. Additional lighting can be included as an cost. check our Lighting for this package
Wireless Microphone - We use wireless microphones which gives us  flexibility to interact with your crowd.
Digital Music Library - We have CD quality sounds and a wide selection of music for all tastes available on your night. We will play your music throughout the evening and endeavour to fulfill your guests' music requests. The beauty of the play list planning enables us to purchase tracks that we may not have in our library. We are members of the PPL Digital DJ community and we strongly adhere to purchasing music legitimately.
Dress Sense - The crews attire is a professional look, with cool slick black shirts and trousers (no jeans or trainers)
Entertainment and Enthusiasm - As with every party, the atmosphere and pace is important. We help create just that environment with great sound, lighting and visual effects. You need to have a DJ to work your crowd and motivate a fun atmosphere to help get everyone  "movin' n groovin!". We've had great success in achieving this in all our previous events and you won't be disappointed.
Digital Memories of the Evening (FREE) - If you wish, we'll take some digital photos during the evening and let your guests from your party download them for FREE the next day. 



:: More Information on this package:

Email Address - To allow you/us to stay in constant contact with each other, we provide you with a dedicated crew member email address and mobile number to contact us 24/7 throughout the planning process.

Organisation & Punctuality - All aspects of the crew's involvement are carefully coordinated to ensure a professional, efficient and smooth running event. Our equipment is all safety checked and setup will be designed around your venue room to have maximum impact during the evening. Our equipment setup will be designed around the symmetry of your venue room. You have complete control over how much you would like the DJ to interact. Your event might be a big blown out affair or rather a small gentle relaxed event, so you tell us your expectations and we will endeavour to accommodate your requirements

Consultation and pre-event planning - As always you can call or email us anytime to discuss all aspects of your entertainment. We've performed many parties and weddings - so don't be afraid to ask for FREE advice!

Effects - {optional} You can be guaranteed a fantastic synchronized light show. We use cool Scanners, colorwash  lighting (if required) with a light smoke hazer to give dramatic welcoming visuals. In conjunction with the lighting, we can inject confetti & balloon effects to aid in the party atmosphere. We will even try to arrange a mirror ball (Optional) if the venue warrants it.

Strobe, ICE Machine, Fog, Bubbles,  Ultra Violet lights and LED Lighting  as well as other effects are available upon request!

Guest DJ Cards - {optional} Want to ask your guests what music they want to hear on your nite? We can provide customized DJ cards that you include in your invitation.  When your guests RSVP, they simply send back the card with their music request or they can email us. directly.
Member Benefits - Take a look at the perks of using DJSPACEBAR for your entertainment.

0% Payment plans available - To help with the cost of your party plans and budgets. we ask that an initial deposit be paid to secure the date. Final payments can be paid monthly and the balance to be paid 1 month before the event.






Date? - Hopefully, we'll be able to perform at your event so let us the all important event date! so we can check our calendar availability



Venue? - If its listed in our venues section - great!, as this will help us determine how much sound & lighting equipment we will need to bring.



Time? - Length and type of function. This the time that we need to arrive and leave for your function...




Contact us with the information above so we can quote you ASAP.


We would like to work closely with all our customers to deliver a professional disco experience for your party. All our packages are customised to fit around your venue, # of guests and timings that you require us. If additional lighting/equipment/time is required then we will advise and make suggestions.






If it's for a wedding for someone you know- Check out our UNIQUE Silver and Wedding Packages unavailable by any other entertainment group.



:: PERKS ::

For your Party


DJSPACEBAR provides..

hI-Tec Disco

Fantastic Light Display



Confetti Cannons

Cloud Machines

Your Music requests

jukebox style requests

digital music library

speaker hire services

party pictures

projection screens

ambient displays

personal greeting cards

party DVDs

video presentations

digital guestbooks

video to dvd conversions


digital video camera

record speeches

guests website access

free pictures for guests

video editing

dvd authoring

computer graphics

hollywood style DVD's

website guestbooks

"Thank you" guest cds

profession crew members

party Video - ONLINE

vhs to dvd services




Having a BAND at your Party or Wedding?


Let us help you in offering advice and information on what else may need to be done when having a band for your event



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