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 From the moment you are engaged, you will have started to plan your dream wedding day and you will have high expectations for a fantastic party. Every detail will be perfect from start to finish. People will have travelled great distances to be there with you, a unique gathering of family and friends who quite probably will never be all together again.


We feel, that the modern DJ should be able to offer more value than just playing music at your reception! Its the longest part of your day and needs to be successful considering that it will be the last thing your guests will remember from your once-in-lifetime day.


Spare a thought for your guests who will be feeling excited

that following a wonderful day, you will have arranged a fantastic party that will get everyone excited and in the mood for a cracking time in the evening.

Our most popular DISCO package includes lighting and enhanced wedding

reception effects including the facilities to show slideshows AND the

"wedding day" pictures on the reception night



Here is what you can expect with a unique DJSPACEBAR reception party, click below to learn more.


Our Professional pack is the "perfect ending to your perfect day"



   Video: - click on the video segments to view shortened clips lifted from our wedding video DVDs



If you are looking to make your guests feel very much part of your wedding and want them to stay to the very end of the night, please enquire.  We appreciate that no two weddings are alike and people have different tastes, so we are happy to tailor a package to meet your specific requirements.


Here are some further examples from DJSPACEBAR wedding receptions.



   :: Pack contains ::


  Pre-wedding consultation  

Non-obligatory demo to meet and understand your ideas, plans & needs

• Specialist advice based on our experiences to make your plans work

• Valuable resources provided to help you with your wedding plans

  Before your wedding day:  

• Pre-visit with yourselves to the venue and work with venue coordinator

• Several meetings with you to arrange collection/preparation of photos

• Playlist compilation, your chance to add your tunes to the playlist

• Photo and or video scanning

• Creative slideshow development time inc. graphic development

(Childhood Photos, Friends and Memories and/or stag/hen shows)

(wedding day pack req'd for preparation/showing of wedding day slideshow)

  On the day of the wedding  

• Timings from 6pm to 12pm

• BOSE Sound systems

• Dual Digital DJ systems

• 2 Entertainment Specialists: Kamaran (MC) & Josh (DJ)

• Appropriate lighting system

• Slideshows shown to all guests

• Video Projector screen or Plasma screen available

• Confetti Cannons used at various points during the reception

• Premium Party kits suitable for your wedding reception

• A modern, unique & professional show to entertain your guests

• All guests given card and access to download/view original slideshows and music playlist.(wedding day pack req'd for download of wedding day photos)

  After the wedding (within 24/48 hrs)  

• Hosting to DJSpacebar's website for all guests to view/download


- Wedding day pictures gallery

- Viewable video Slideshows

- Music playlist

- Complete all in one gallery download

• All original images sent to you on DVD data disc after event

  :: Additional Options ::  

• Wedding Day pack

• DVD Slideshow pack

• Video Diary room Pack

• iVideo hire pack

• Extended Lighting pack

• Civil ceremony pack

• Wedding Day Photo pack

• Wedding Day Video pack









 ::  Entertainment Pack costs ::



from �650 to �950


We offer specialised rates when several packages are

chosen together after we've understood your vision of your day and our

pre-wedding consultation with you




  :: More information ::



DJSPACEBAR is not an agency and we don't turn up on a wedding night and just play. Your event only occurs once so it needs to be as successful as you are hoping it will be. We believe quality, not quantity so we have a personal approach in preparing and planning for your event. Our meetings with you will soon give you an idea of the passion we have for running your event. We have the appropriate public liability insurances, electrical safety certificates and perform risk assessments when we pre-visit the venue to ensure we follow any guidelines for health and safety that your venue requires.

Click to download DJSPACEBAR's brochure Our work comes recommended from Brides as well as Guests who've enjoyed us at their event. Click here to see what they've said about us.






  :: Production time breakdown ::


  20 hrs Pre-production time - playlist compilation, slideshow development, meetings  
  16 hrs 2x Crew on the day availability and complete show  
  4 hrs Post production work - gallery upload  
  40 hrs Total  


:: Testimonials ::
 AMAZING!!, my guests are still talking about my wedding party! and it's down to you guys!
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. We couldn't have done it without you!
Peter & Faye

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