The Ceremony...


  Darren & Faye both looked radiant and with joy on their wedding day held at Eynsham Hall in Oxfordshire. SPACEBAR worked with the couple to plan the different parts of their day by meeting and visiting the venue a couple of times to assess timings, logistics and equipment needed for the day.  



Darren and Faye chose our Civil ceremony pack to plan a ceremony that would be relaxing, enjoyable and meaningful for their guests.  The PA system for the music was setup at the rear of the room and light classical music is played to set the scene for welcoming guests.




Some of the photos in this profile are from Ian Macdonald, a photographer friend of the couple who enjoyed working with us to provide a memorable wedding day.

When all parties are working together, you can be sure you get more value from the day. At this wedding, SPACEBAR were taking photos, recording the video and providing music for the different parts of the day.

We are all set and prepared for the bridal party entrance.



The bridal party preparing themselves while

the ushers and best man look after the groom



Having a primary photographer & videographer at the front where the action is taking place and a secondary video/photographer/DJ ("yes" all done by one person! at the rear in the smallest amount of space) at the back of the room means an exciting start to the ceremony and music throughout and then ending with an energetic finish.



  Drinks on the terrace....



On a bright sunny day, when the drinks and canap�s are in full flow, this is a great time for photo opportunities and laughter while the married couple mingle with guests.

Guests have spent time and money coming to the day so may not be included in the main formal photoshoots but we make the effort to get a photo for them to keep.



While the main bridal shots are taking place....



  Formal Bridal shots....



Directing you and your guests so we can take appropriate shots as requested by you



  Customary family shot....



Every wedding album has one...




  Wedding Breakfast.....



Laid out for guests to enjoy, our sound system is in one corner of the room which creates the right ambience and mood for a nice afternoon meal. We worked alongside the staff and coordinators at Eynsham to ensure the timings of the day and flow of the day are all running along smoothly






After a fantastic wedding breakfast entrance anda  wonderful meal, it was time for speeches, the order is usually, Father of the bride, groom and then the best man. We video recorded the event and provided wireless microphones so everyone could hear the speeches.



 Evening reception.....



After the meal and speeches, the room is turned around to start the evening celebrations. The room had initially been pre-pepped by us so that lighting equipment needed for the evening did not get in the way of guests and ensured a prompt start to the evening. While the speeches and breakfast were underway, SPACEBAR was working to edit the pictures of the day ready for displaying in the evening along with other many surprises we had in store....



 Evening reception slideshows....



With a fantastic first dance with lots of confetti (as you can see above) the evening starts with a bang and getting guests in the mood. SPACEBAR had worked with Darren and Faye to produce photos that were to be shown at the evening reception. Considering this is a unique gathering of friends and family, this might not happen again. The slideshows were a visual treat for the guests as well as for Darren & Faye as it would have been the first time they would have seen them on the night. The shows are a great way to get folks out of the bar areas and from outside and onto the dance floor. This was the screen presented to guests...




The shows are periodically placed and run during the evening in between the disco, buffet, bar and dancing. The shows are 3mins in length and guests are always excited as to what the hosts have laid out for them. The above shows are Childhood photos, Friend and memories, stag and hen photos and the actual wedding day pictures.



Reception fun & entertainment..



The music we play is 90% based around the couples style and playlist. As DJs we have the skills to read the crowd and adapt to keep guests wanting more. Also we provide special wedding party kits for the guests to keep and enjoy.



 Video messages recorded by guests



Spacebar set up a special location for people to record private and personal messages for the happy couple throughout the night.





After wedding goodies for guests



We provide cards for guests on the night to download all the material they saw on the day, this includes the complete pictures of the day, the music we played that day including the evening, wedding breakfast and civil ceremony, the gallery of photos that we were taking throughout the day which were shown at the reception and access to the slideshows that we created.


Hover and click below to see what guests had access to.






 Wedding Video



With over 8hrs of wedding civil ceremony, speeches, first dance and reception dancing, slideshows, personal messages and over 1500 professional/candid photos from the day as well as the music specially chosen and selected by Faye & Darren. It is all compiled into a 90min video with a wedding highlights below so Darren and Faye will completely remember the atmosphere, emotions and feelings they felt along with their dearest on their wedding day. Wedding videos are an investment for you and and for generations ahead.



 Wedding video highlights


Finally, here is the final finished wedding day video, this is compiled with the photos of the day, the video we captured and first dance music Faye and Darren chose.





 Final presentation


With all this digital material, It is all compiled and edited into a professional keepsake DVD package and posted to the couple






:: Testimonials ::
 Thank you for all your hard work and effort and thank you so much for our wedding video package.
We watched the whole lot (twice) last weekend and we were completely blown away!!!
You guys are just the absolute best and I don't think a thank you covers it. Loved the video diaries, everyone keeps complementing us on the idea!!. They are amazing though!

Darren & Faye
:: Packs Chosen ::















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